card game

card game
a game played with playing cards
Syn: ↑cards
Members of this Topic:
fourhanded, ↑discard, ↑reshuffle, ↑reshuffling, ↑deal, ↑ruff, ↑trumping, ↑trick, ↑shoe, ↑trump, ↑book, ↑revoke, ↑unblock, ↑bluff, ↑bluff out, ↑overtrump, ↑crossruff, ↑exit, ↑lurch, ↑skunk, ↑ante, ↑underplay, ↑check, ↑pitch, ↑cover, ↑raise, ↑see, ↑riffle, ↑misdeal, ↑bid, ↑call
Hypernyms: ↑game
Part Meronyms:
discard, ↑shuffle, ↑shuffling, ↑make, ↑cut, ↑cutting, ↑doubling, ↑double, ↑deal, ↑lead, ↑revoke, ↑renege, ↑call

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card game noun
Any game played with playing-cards
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Main Entry:card

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ˈcard game [card game card games] noun
a game in which playing cards are used

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